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Quality Of Guards And Services

All guards prior to their full employment will be security vetted by the Police Department to ensure they are free from previous criminal activities and convictions. All guards are of experienced and pleasant characters recruited amongst Malaysian citizens and ex-military personnels.

Insurance Coverage

In support of our provided security services, we are adequately covered by insurance policy which included Professional Indemnity valued of RM100,000.00 and other risks benefit.

Operation And Control

In ensuring that the performance and achievement do not fall below the standard, subsequent steps are being taken such as reviewing and upgrading of existing security procedures from time to time. Some control and monitoring measures are :-

  1. Routine and spot checks by Security Supervisors on various guards/posts.
  2.  Tele-monitoring and network communication through walking talkie
  3. Conducting customer satisfactory survey on monthly basis.
  4. Hourly reporting of events by security personnel.
  5. Proper supervision of posting and relief of guards

Security Protection

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Static Security Personnel

Unarmed uniformed security will be assigned to be on duty 24 hours every day to patrol and secure the designed location. Our guards  are trained to be alert of the environment and to react when crisis arise and to ensure the location is secured. In the event that there is an emergency, our guard are trained to take the necessary actions to handle the situation.

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Neighbourhood Patrols

Uniformed security personnel are sent out to the neighbourhood to patrol and guard the residential area. These personnel are capable of static guard duties as well as patrol capabilities through mobile vehicles. Their priority is to safeguard the community against any undesirable events and to take preventive measures against potential threat risks, which include regular interval patrolling.

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Site Surveys

We will send our experienced officers to investigate the location and  to evaluate the building floor plan, structure and potential threats.

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Security & Safety Consultation

When our officers return from site surveys, report will be submitted to our potential clients and recommendations on the necessary measures will be advised. These recommendations include equipment, security officers, logistic planning and budget strategies.

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